Chairman of the day

Chairperson of the day, discussion leader, and speaker to get your meeting moving

When you organize a meeting, you want it to have the desired effect. A suitable chairperson for the day or a good discussion leader can contribute to this aim. This is often seen as an essential ingredient for a successful meeting. 

Leon Schaepkens provides and oversees in-company sessions, workshops, theme meetings, and webinars. His years of experience as a lecturer, business administrator, and psychologist and his curiosity in people mean that he knows how to ask stimulating questions and make complex matters seem simple. His enthusiasm, energy, and knowledge ensure that everyone participating in your meeting feels heard and involved. 

Leon also gives keynote speeches at conferences and seminars on leadership, culture change, and behavioral change in organizations and society. As a musician at heart, the stage is familiar territory for him. 

What do you have in mind?

  • A kick-off session to a change process
  • A meeting tailored to a leadership programm
  • A keynote speech or presentation on administrative or other leadership
  • A brainstorming session with the management team about behavioral or other change in the organization
  • A workshop on what makes a team successful

What can you expect? 

In consultation with your organization, Leon takes care of the appropriate tone, the right depth, the necessary content, asking the right questions, and monitoring the pace and course. Leon challenges, helps to quickly get to the heart of a matter, and provides support in translating theory into practice.