Leon Schaepkens

Our millions of years old psychological DNA asks for: safety, connection, appreciation, autonomy, self-expression and learning to deal with boundaries. According to Leon Schaepkens, this requires an evolutionary view of leadership, people, teams, change management and vitality. Management gurus overestimate our rational brain. Their solutions are not sufficient. Investing in these basic needs leads to success, greater satisfaction and general well-being.

Working from this vision is what drives Leon on a daily basis. He substantiates this in his work, talks and books with many examples and practical tips. His special study background and experiences as an entrepreneur, director, manager, advisor, supervisor, husband and father are helpful in this.

Founder and owner Leon Schaepkens, after studying economics, public administration and law, worked for a number of years for the government and then started working as an (independent) entrepreneur in 2000. Parallel to that, he started studying Psychology at the university in order to give substance to his real passion: people! In order to become even more proficient in the field of health, he has further specialized through various training courses as a cognitive behavioral therapist, EMDR therapist (trauma treatment) and schema therapist.