E-book: 10 Million Years of Leadership


10 Million Years of Leadership: How successful leaders fulfil our six primal needs (English Edition) Kindle-editie

Nr 1 in the Netherlands - bestseller 2021

For 99% of its existence, humankind has lived as hunter gatherers in small groups. Our brain is mostly the product of millions of years of life spent on the African savannah. We’re not nearly as rational as we think, and it’s time
to take the subconscious of our brain more seriously. Everyone seeks safety, belonging, appreciation, autonomy, and self-expression, and has to learn to deal with boundaries.

Successful leaders provide for these basic needs. They know that leadership styles and management theories don’t penetrate beyond the surface portion of our brain, a brain programmed for group survival, and have happy employees as a result. Investing in our psychological DNA leads to strong teams, job satisfaction, and organizational success.

This book teaches you:

  • How fulfilling those 10 million-year-old, basic psychological needs can help you become a successful manager who experiences less stress and more satisfaction in your role.
  • How you can create more safety, openness, cooperation, innovation, and ownership starting tomorrow, by using the tips from this book.
  • Why self-reflection as a leader ensures the growth of your team or organization

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