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Published on 16-08-2023

See Me, Hear Me – Lessons from Evolutionary Psychology Every Politician and Administrator Should Know

In our country, a general sense of discomfort has long prevailed. More and more citizens feel unheard, unseen, or even unfairly treated by the government. The behavior of politicians is putting democracy under pressure. What is the government doing wrong?

Administrators and politicians need to display different behavior. The current "cold government philosophy" does not cater to our millions of years-old basic needs. Humans have lived in small groups on the African savannah for millions of years. The power distance within the group remained small because intensive collaboration was necessary. Therefore, we still strongly value safety, connection, appreciation, autonomy, and clear boundaries. When leaders address our basic needs, space for restoring trust emerges.

With this evolutionary insight in mind, best-selling author Leon Schaepkens, Harrie Timmermans, and Stan van de Laar provide solutions to regain the trust of citizens for the political and administrative Netherlands.

This book will teach you:

  • How your behavior as a politician or administrator can create safety, connection, and appreciation among citizens.
  • Why applying the equality formula directly leads to societal cohesion
  • How knowledge about our psychological basic needs can create a different society and take democracy to the next phase
  • How your political party can make a difference again.

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Leon Schaepkens authored the bestsellers "10 Million Years of Leadership" and "The F1 Society." He studied economics, public administration, law, and psychology. Leon specializes in labor, organization, and health. Additionally, he is a therapist and supervisor. He advises and guides organizations, teams, executives, and managers in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Stan van de Laar is the owner of the organizational consulting firm Van de Laar. His work involves administrative mergers, restructuring, collaborative efforts, and organizational challenges. Stan earned his doctorate in shared services and studied public administration and business administration.

Harrie Timmermans is the municipal secretary of the Brabant municipality of Heusden. He is also the coordinating municipal secretary for Safety Region Brabant-Noord. For years, he was the chairman of the PSV supporters' association. He also serves as a supervisor. Harrie studied law at Tilburg University.