Evolutionary Lessons for Leaders, Teams, Organizations, Politicians, and Administrators

For millions of years, humans lived in small groups on the African savannah. During that time, intensive collaboration was necessary for the group's survival. This led to a small power distance within the group. As a result, we still strongly value safety, connection, appreciation, autonomy, spontaneity, and the establishment of clear boundaries. Therefore, we are not as rational as we think. Leon takes you on a journey to understand what this means in his perspective on leadership, teams, organizations, change management, cultural transformation, human resources, health, politics, and our democracy.

Leon is an evolutionary psychologist, a public administration-law expert, an advisor, and a therapist. In the recent past, he was an entrepreneur and supervisor. He is the author of the business bestsellers "10 Million Years of Leadership" and "The F1 Society." In 2023, his new book "See Me, Hear Me - Lessons from Evolutionary Psychology Every Politician and Administrator Should Know" will be released. Leon is actively engaged in shaping his vision of work behavior in various roles and as a speaker on a daily basis.

Through the lens of evolutionary psychology, he approaches work behavior, leadership, teams, cultural change, human resources, organizational transformation, and health in a different way. His aim is to raise awareness among (political) leaders, teams, and organizations about our millions of years-old psychological DNA and its effects on our (work) behavior.

After his studies in economics, public administration, and law, he worked for the government for a few years before venturing into entrepreneurship in 2000. He rapidly expanded his company to over 100 people within a few years. In parallel, he pursued a degree in Psychology at the university. Evolutionary psychology and group psychology captured his special attention. Through his studies, experiences, and growing self-awareness, he increasingly became a specialist in work behavior. To further enhance his skills in the field of labor and health, he specialized as a cognitive behavioral therapist, EMDR therapist (trauma treatment), and schema therapist.