Are you struggling with burnout or work-related stress? Do you experience complaints in everyday life that you cannot, or can no longer, solve yourself? Are you dealing with a past trauma? Or does a certain fear have too much of a hold over your life? You should know that you are not alone and that something can be done about your problem.

Bureau Schaepkens specializes in handling: 

  • anxiety/trauma
  • burnout/work-related stress
  • depression
  • personality problems

If you choose to work with us, this means:

  • Dedicated attention to you and your query
  • No waiting times
  • An intake interview within five business days
  • Coaching from experienced and broadly trained consultants
  • Working on the basis of scientific insights
  • Close cooperation with the occupational physician, the organization, and other experts, if necessary

In our work, we consider it important to:

  • Leave as much control in the client’s hands as possible
  • Use online support in addition to face-to-face contact
  • Approach your issue in a practical, holistic, and evidence-based manner

Costs and insurance

We work for both the business market and private individuals. If you are referred by your occupational physician or general practitioner in the Netherlands, your insurer will at least partly reimburse your costs in most cases. Some services such as coaching, IQ tests, or social skills training are not reimbursed. You can also talk to your employer to see if they will pay all or part of the costs.

Don’t hesitate to contact us.